I make my collages by attaching materials such as paper, rag board, foil, glitter, wire, paint, beads, typed text, painted sticks, string, leather, small plastic toys and other found objects to heavy paper, much in the way a painter builds layer upon layer of paint on canvas. My aim is that the obsessive images that result from this method of working convey an intensity which the viewer finds compelling. I am interested in the spatial complexity and visual tensions that come from the collages being illusionistic, while at the same time composed of three-dimensional objects that often retain their own identity. Although my subject matter is often from history, science or literature, at times I select an image for nothing more than its resonance or poetic quality. Some works refer to a specific narrative while others only hint at one. I like the irony of using materials that are often trivial, foolish, and temporal to express ideas of what is significant, timeless, and transcendent.